About Our School and Teaching Philosophy

The Shlenker School is home to a diverse group of students from across the city and around the world. Shlenker graduates consistently go on to excel in their academic careers as they move to middle school and beyond. Our student body is comprised of future leaders who are guided by their strong educational foundation as well as a sense of Jewish identity, community, and values that are hallmarks of a Shlenker education.

We strive to foster each student's cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth through differentiated instruction, individual projects, appropriate centers, and an integrated approach to learning. Our goal is to empower students to be responsible to themselves and others, thus strengthening their self esteem. We are committed to academic excellence and to the cultivation of Jewish knowledge.


The Shlenker School of Congregation Beth Israel is a Jewish Day School offering a 10 year program serving children fifteen-months old through fifth grade. The Shlenker School provides an academically excellent education with an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum in a nurturing environment.


The Shlenker School is an interactive school where students are empowered to think on their own, work under the direction of a teacher, enjoy learning for learning's sake, and use technology as an extension of their learning. Teachers are empowered to use best practices to reach every child enrolled at Shlenker and continue to be life-long learners.

Core Values

Portrait of a Graduate

The Shlenker School is committed to providing a first class academic education in a positive and nurturing environment, which addresses the needs of each student. Recognizing appropriate achievement for fifth graders, our goal is for Shlenker students to possess the characteristics that will enable them to live meaningfully and be successful in a global society. Shlenker graduates will be:


Board of Trustees

The Shlenker Board of Trustees is the governing body that oversees the financial well being and stability for future generations of Shlenker students. Trustees may be parents or members of the greater community.

Leslie Margolis, President
Leah Abrams, Vice President
Jay Blinderman, Vice President
Jesse Carrillo, Vice President
Michael Rubenstein, Vice President
Aaron Swerdlin, Treasurer
Will Burdine, Secretary

Seth Abrams
DaJuana Cohen
Jeff Kalina
Dana Katz
Bobby Lapin
Amanda McIngvale
Rochelle Mintz
Brad Rauch
Mark Schmulen
Kendall White
Sarah Williams 

Irving Stern, President, Congregation Beth Israel
Roslyn Haikin, Congregation Beth Israel Liaison
Susan Heyl, Immediate Past President

Rabbi David Lyon, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Beth Israel
Dr. Michelle Barton, Head of School