Early Childhood

Young/Older Toddler

Our Young Toddler (beginning at 15 months) and Older Toddler (beginning at 2 years old) programs focus on the development of trust, establishing autonomy and self-control, separating from parents, building on existing language skills, and learning to be with peers. Activities focus on sensory experiences, hands-on learning, early literacy, constructive play, music and movement, communication with peers, and handling feelings in acceptable, socially appropriate ways.




The PreK-3 program (for children 3 to 4 years old) focuses on building competence and initiative through active involvement with the classroom environment. Activities promote cooperative behavior, problem-solving skills, logical thinking skills, imaginative play, and language and emerging literacy skills. Interest areas include blocks, manipulatives, science, writing, library, dramatic play, music sensory/discovery, and art.



The PreK-4 program prepares children for the transition to Kindergarten with activities and additional curriculum components that challenge the children in each developmental area. Interest areas in PreK-4 duplicate those in the PreK-3 classrooms with the addition of technology center, which includes the use of an iPad. Activities build on existing skills while incorporating new, more sophisticated concepts in all areas of development.


Early Childhood Specialist Programs

In addition to the core curriculum provided in each classroom, The Shlenker School provides ancillary programs in art, music, and motor development.

Handwriting Without Tears

The name of the Early Childhood program's handwriting program sounds appealing, but can it really be that different from traditional methods? Surprisingly enough, Handwriting Without Tears®introduces children to handwriting skills in a developmentally appropriate and fun way through singing, playing, and working with the curriculum materials, as well as through more traditional practice. Handwriting Without Tears® is introduced in PreK-3 during small and some large group activities. It continues in PreK-4 and is used through second grade in the Elementary School Program.

Questions parents might ask include:

Elementary School

The Shlenker School Elementary program provides an excellent well-rounded education in a nurturing Jewish environment for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students. Class sizes are small with an abundance of materials and resources. Our highly trained teachers continually assess students and differentiate instruction to meet their needs. All Elementary School teachers are certified by the State of Texas as Gifted and Talent teachers and complete a six hour update on an annual basis.

The Shlenker School encourages the whole child approach to education by fostering each student's cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth. We strive to strengthen each student's self-esteem and responsibility through a myriad of social skills programs and the cultivation of Jewish knowledge and values.