Spark Lab (STEAM Makerspace)

In the Shlenker Spark Lab (STEAM Makerspace), students demonstrate their creativity, adaptability, imagination, and innovative thinking. Students are encouraged to take risks through trial and error. They learn to experience failure of an initial idea, they explore possible alternatives, and then they problem solve to improve on the idea. The Spark Lab (STEAM Makerspace) features state-of-the-art equipment such as virtual reality headsets, 3-D printers, Lego Robotics and Coding Kits, and a portable Escape Room Kit. 

Although technology is imbedded within all facets of our curriculum and takes place within all of our classrooms on campus, the Spark Lab is a special place where students are transported to another world. Within the walls of the Spark Lab, they become the inventors of the future and they learn the skills needed to develop products and services for the global marketplace of tomorrow. Shlenker students are empowered to utilize effective communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills to make a positive difference in our world.