Board of Trustees

The Shlenker Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school. Our Board Members are committed to ensuring that The Shlenker School provides all students with a high-quality education. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility to govern the School's affairs, including:

  • Selecting and retaining the Head of School
  • Ensuring the School’s current and long term financial sustainability through crucial development efforts
  • Establishing a strategic vision for the school
  • Growing strong relationships with the broader Jewish community

2023–2024 Board of Trustees

Marci Gilbert, President
Will Burdine, Vice President
David Ebro, Vice President
Rochelle Mintz, Vice President
DaJuana Wilhelm, Vice President
Arturo Karakowsky, Treasurer
Dr. Kathleen Chen, Secretary

Eric Danziger
Lisa Darling
Raj Khadka
Kathryn Paine
Pat Pollicoff
Holly Radom
Renee Raizen
Matt Ross
Jayme Schlackman
Josh Stein
Laura Tolpin
Kendall White

Ex-Officio Members:
Richard Kaplan, President, Congregation Beth Israel
Neil Wizel, Congregation Beth Israel Liaison
Leah Abrams, Immediate Past President
Samantha Lee, Shlenker Parents Association President
Rabbi David Lyon, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Beth Israel
Dr. Michelle Barton, Head of School