Thank you for visiting The Shlenker School's website and learning more about this very special place!

The Shlenker School is a place where students are loved and nurtured as they grow academically, socially, and emotionally. It is a place where faculty and staff challenge and encourage our students to do their very best. It is a place where students feel connected to Judaism in very personal and profound ways. 

The goal of our school is to ignite a "spark"–a love of learning and a passion for Jewish values and tradition–in every child. By igniting the spark during a student's formative years, that spark develops into an eternal flame–a ner tamid–that guides our children for a lifetime. That flame shines brightly and will light them on their way to adulthood and toward a brilliant future, where they will pass on the values and traditions they learn at Shlenker from generation to generation (l'dor v'dor).

We know that choosing to send your child to a Jewish Day School is a big commitment. It is also the best investment you can make for their future. We are here to support you and your child every step of the way. I strongly encourage you to tour our campus and feel the warmth of our community for yourself.

A Shlenker education truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime!


Dr. Michelle Barton
Head of School