Portrait of a Shlenker Graduate

The Shlenker School is committed to partnering with families to provide students with an exceptional academic education, an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum, and a nurturing environment that helps shape their formative years and guide their future. Shlenker graduates will be:


Who successfully use the communication skills in listening, speaking, writing, reading, mathematics, and technological presentations that are required in our complex and ever-changing world


Who can identify problems and the information needed to organize, analyze, interpret, evaluate, predict, and make appropriate decisions to resolve or to manage the problems of our rapidly changing world

  • Who will achieve mastery in the following curriculum areas: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies

  • Who will develop an appreciation for the fine arts

  • Who will continually seek knowledge, take responsibility for setting appropriate priorities and achievable goals, and monitor and evaluate their own progress in their goal attainment

  • Who will develop strong study habits and study skills

  • Who will be able to meet and anticipate the challenges of a middle school curriculum

  • Who are resourceful and creative

  • Who have high expectations for their own work as individuals or as part of a team

  • Who have strong leadership skills

  • Who take pride in their own work, and are able to monitor and correct their own performance

  • Who learn to appreciate and value the freedoms and privileges available to citizens of the United States

  • Who are honest, self-disciplined, and respectful of others

  • Who are tolerant and not only accept, understand, and deal with diversity, but also are appreciative of differences

  • Who contribute to the community in a cooperative manner

  • Who have the skills needed to maintain fulfilling interpersonal relationships

  • Who are proactive citizens and take initiative to have a positive impact on the community

  • Who will understand and practice good health habits

  • Who have a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge

  • Who possess a strong sense of Jewish identity demonstrated by self-respect and self-worth

  • Who are committed to Jewish values

  • Who are motivated by Jewish expectations. The mitzvah of prayer and deeds are part of the rhythm of their everyday lives

  • Who see Jewish life and Jewish learning as a source of guidance and comfort in our turbulent world

  • Who have a strong bond with God, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel