Statement of Purpose

The Shlenker School of Congregation Beth Israel is proud to offer children, 6-weeks old through fifth grade, a program whose graduates are lifelong learners who think critically, lead with confidence, and embrace Jewish values. The Shlenker School partners with families to provide students with an exceptional academic education, an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum, and a nurturing environment that helps shape their formative years and guide their future.

Core Values

Core values define a school’s culture. When used correctly, core values are the non-negotiables through which every administrator, teacher, staff member, student, and parent filters each decision they make regarding the school and its community members—from how to create the master schedule, to who we hire, to how to educate our students, to how to have difficult conversations about doing what is right even when it’s hard.

Core values define who we are as a school and establish clear boundaries around our work at Shlenker, signaling to everyone in our community how we behave, how we make decisions, and how we are held accountable in order to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Core values define a school’s culture. The stronger our core values, the stronger our culture. We are grateful to you for embarking on this journey with us.

We are #shlenkerstrong.