Statement of Purpose

The Shlenker School of Congregation Beth Israel is proud to offer children, 6-weeks old through fifth grade, a program whose graduates are lifelong learners who think critically, lead with confidence, and embrace Jewish values. The Shlenker School partners with families to provide students with an exceptional academic education, an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum, and a nurturing environment that helps shape their formative years and guide their future.

Core Values

B’tselem Elohim      

Being created in God’s image means we have a responsibility to emulate a moral, ethical, and compassionate path, and to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. 

K’lal Yisrael

K'lal Yisrael is a unique and unifying entity bound by special covenantal responsibilities between God, the Jewish people, and State of Israel.

Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam is the life-affirming partnership with God that maintains, enhances, and repairs our world physically, emotionally, and socially through acts of loving kindness (g’milut chasadim) and commandments (mitzvot).


The Shlenker School is a warm and nurturing Jewish community that celebrates being part of the larger community. We are guided by our Jewish ethics and values in embracing, respecting, and acting responsibly with the highest standard of behavior towards others.


Knowledge is fostered through a focused and multi-dimensional approach to secular and Jewish learning and serves as a foundation to a life-long pursuit toward understanding and wisdom.


Faith is trust in the covenantal relationship with God and openness to God’s presence. 


Character develops through a process of learning and experience. It is exemplified by well-balanced, humble individuals who are mindful of the worth of every human being and who act with honesty, responsibility, respect, and kindness.